How long have you been holding your breath?

Concern for drowning is healthy. The water is deep and it can pull us under. But, when concern grows into fear and fear into terror and terror into the only story we know, we are robbed of the privilege and pleasure of swimming.

The water is not the problem, it is the environment. The swimmer is also not the problem, the swimmer is a person. But it is easy for the swimmer and the water to become disconnected.

It is the same with our bodies and minds. It is so easy for us to be disconnected from ourselves, from our inherent wisdom. It is easy to turn that disconnection into blame and criticism and disfunction.

You can make a different choice.

You can make a million of 'em.
Take a breath. Reconnect.

Let's Dive In.

You need not suffer in order to heal, but you do need to work. Here is some help with the heavy lifting.

Our next offering begins soon.

Join us.

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Don't take my word for it...

I step into myself and own my abilities.

Jessica Mahler - editor, yoga instructor and reiki master, Long Island NY

Working with Jen is like stepping through a portal to another dimension. She is able to access the gateway to one's soul, find out what isn't working or serving someone, then kindly, respectfully works with spirit to clear it out of one's way. If it sounds perfectly groovy and far-out, know that it is, but also is incredibly powerful. I feel like I have really been able to step into myself and own my abilities with each session I have with Jen. Whenever I'm feeling stuck or unsure where to turn to next, her work helps to steer me in the right direction.

I connect and deepen my life purpose and drive.

Lily Virginia, musician, Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer has been an unexpected blessing in my life. My first meeting with her was by accident. I stumbled upon her by chance at an open house and tried out a 20 minute healing session. My experience was a transformative one I didn't even know I was looking for. I've worked with her in several longer in-depth sessions throughout this past year and our work together has really helped me connect and deepen my life purpose and drive. And each session has been unique and continue to build upon previous sessions. As a artist (singer/songwriter) being in touch with my deeper self, in touch with my creativity and in touch with a greater sense of spirituality is essential to what I do and who I am. So, for anyone who is interested in deepening their spiritual practice and expanding their own horizons far beyond what they may have thought possible please contact her. I can't recommend Jennifer enough.

I am aware of deep truths about myself.

Elyssa Jakim, reiki master, Brooklyn NY

It was incredible. As a highly motivated, perfectionist type, as someone who’s been in therapy for many years, as someone who lives on that hazy little anxiety/depression spectrum I’ve long been acquainted with the concept of “negative self talk” and I’ve long been hearing really nasty, critical thoughts in my head. Experiencing my spiritual life and passion for healing is doing loads more for this “baggage” then a load of talking ever did. In some ways, it’s hard to explain Jen’s work and I’m sure it will be different for everyone. What I can say is that this session made me aware of deep truths about myself that I’d long suspected but really needed to hear. Jen has an extremely comforting presence and is so intuitive, attentive, special. I felt completely at ease working with her. The session was a process of letting go of self-hatred and replacing it with self love, letting go of limiting beliefs about money and replacing them with their positive opposites, letting go of feelings of abandonment in favor of freedom and security, letting go of old resentments in favor of release. Though I felt the effects of the healing instantly, (today I am supported and present, grounded and functioning as that self who feels like me completely) I know they will be long-lasting and will continue to unfold for quite some time.

I honor myself, while having more energy, clarity, and joy.

Melissa Sladin, student and mother, Lafayette CO

My first session with Jen literally changed my life and being. Through that single session we were able to identify the core beliefs I was holding that I was unconsciously allowing to restrict me. She identified past lives that helped me understand why I have held onto certain ideas, and with it all facilitated a level of healing I could not do on my own, with a gentleness that allowed me to feel safe and open. After integrating that first session, I felt clear and empowered enough to make necessary decisions to improve my life, step fully into my authenticity, and move into a place of loving acceptance for myself and all those around me. I stopped compromising my truth and started honoring myself, all while having more energy, clarity, and joy. The transformation she gracefully facilitated was even recognizable by others, leading me to recommend her healing to anyone who has a desire to move more fully into their higher selves. I have continued to work with Jen, as her grace and gifts continue to help me delve even deeper, and my gratitude for her continues to go deeper as well. If you only go see one single healer on whatever journey you are on, I recommend that you see Jen. I truly believe her work can change the world, one spirit-in-a-human-being at a time.

I am healthier, nourished and cared for.

Erin Anderson, mother and meditation instructor, Crestone CO

My husband and I moved to Crestone with our infant son, and were affected by environmental allergies to the point where we both believed we had pneumonia. I was also feeling waves of post-partum depression, not knowing if I was diagnosable in that regard but feeling unable to cope with my responsibilities. I saw Jen, believing that my emotional and physical states were influencing one another but now knowing which one to address, or how. Jen held a strong, clear and loving space in which she was able to locate, identify and address some underlying problems. I came out of the session feeling healthier, nourished and cared for. The severity of my allergies was notably reduced and my emotional state significantly stronger. I recommend this form of healing for physical or emotional health issues, and as a means to improve your well-being and deepen self-awareness. Jen is extremely gifted.

I feel confidence, peace, and connection.

Brin Tucker, educator and mother, Brattleboro VT

Though I had done much physically and emotionally to prepare for the birth of my first child, I found myself questioning and incessantly worried a week before my due date arrived. I myself had been born 3 weeks late, via Caesarian Section, and feared that surgical intervention was my body’s only way of knowing birth; that history would repeat itself despite my intentions for a natural birth. Jen helped me tap into my inner wisdom and work with the beliefs held in my cells. Jen also did some work with my unborn child, who reportedly had a past traumatic birth experience and thus felt scared about leaving the warm, safe womb to come out into the world. I had been so caught up in my own apprehension, I had overlooked that my child, too, had deep work to do to prepare for this momentous journey. My healing session with Jen not only helped me feel more confidence and peace in my own body’s abilities, but it also reminded me to connect deeply with my baby, reassuring her in the week before birth how prepared we were, how safe we were going to keep her, and how well we would work together to meet one another face to face. I returned to these intentions and connections many times during the course of my labor. We ended up having a delicious, intervention-free, natural birth. I have no doubt that our work with Jen was a key ingredient in our recipe for a lovely birth.