Included in this experience:

  • Three Healing Sessions

    Your learning will be grounded by three Tidal Heart Healing Sessions - one 2hr session per month.

  • Three One-on-One Support Calls

    Each of your sessions will be followed up by a thirty-minute call for support with integration and you-specific ideas for sinking in.

  • Weekly Teachings

    Each week, a new teaching will be released onto the course page, building on the energy tools received. You'll learn how to clear a space, release energy that is no longer serving, strengthen your grounding cord, build energetic boundaries, and more.

  • Weekly Reflections

    Every week, a thought, suggestion, or question, specific to monthly theme, will be released on the course page: loving yourself, empowering yourself, and wilding yourself.

  • Three Month Access to Meditation Library

    For the length of Becoming Your Own Healer, a new meditation will be introduced, as well as complimentary access to the Tidal Heart Meditation Library Dropbox Folder.

  • ...and more.

    You will receive journal prompts, ritual ideas and suggestions, techniques and skills to support you in strengthening and liberating your healing relationship with yourself.

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Becoming Your Own Healer

A three month exploration of trusting yourself.

Empower yourself.

Is Becoming Your Own Healer right for you?

Check the following sentences for resonance. If one or two of them sound familiar, you are ready to join us.

  • I long to be empowered to work on myself within a larger, supportive container.

  • I want to stay connected to my heart, while also finding ways to protect myself.

  • I'm looking for tangible ways to clear my own energy.

  • I am beginning to receive information, but I don't trust myself to listen.

  • I know there is more, but I do not know what the more is.

  • I do know what the more is, but I cannot seem to connect or connect reliably.

  • I know there are other ways to reconnect to others without taking on their spiritual work.

  • I have noticed some patterns in my life and I would like to shift them from a place of love.

  • I would like to dive deeper into magic and begin to explore what healing really is.

Your heart will be held here.