How do we human?

How do we do the work we need to do while keeping a sense of humor?
As a Spirit in a human body, it can feel like your spiritual life is separate from your adulting life which is separate from your community or playful life. We all have places that feel more comfortable and spacious, and places we avoid. How do we begin to care for ourselves enough to make consistent commitments to ourselves (meditation, checking our bank accounts, playing with our kids), moving into the harder spots? As we work to become more vulnerable and more seen, how do we integrate these to a life of empowerment joy? And how do we do this without adding a bunch more "shoulds" and self-judgment into our lives?

This course teaches you
*how to look at your life and choose small, life-changing habits to commit to
*how to connect with Spirit, as well as your guides and angels
*ways to love yourself and drop the self-criticism, and how that shifts our ability to be brave
*how to begin to connect to your community in more meaningful ways
*how to integrate play and magic in your everyday life
*and so much more!

This course is about the everyday. It's about being human and bringing our practice and commitments into our lives. Resetting habits and loving ourselves along the way. It's learning to be honest and vulnerable with ourselves without the harsh voice. 

Course dates:

WEEK 1:  A DAY TO FALL APART. Guided practices, online talks throughout, and some solid, grounded ways to let yourself move through all the feelings.

WEEK 2: Looking at our lives and stripping the filters. What are we avoiding? Where are we hiding? And how do we love ourselves through it? Reframing making a commitment to ourselves.

WEEK 3: Talking Spiritual. How do we connect, and keep that connection going? Tangible practices to connect with Spirit as well as your guides and angels. 

WEEK 4: Talking Adulting. Where are the friction points in your adulting, and how can you lean into them with compassion?

WEEK 5:  Talking Community. Looking at your current community and ways of interacting. How can we extend generosity from the heart?

WEEK 6: Bringing it all together. How do you integrate these into practice and joy? 

Included in this course:

  • Live Teachings

    Each week offers a 60-75 minute live teaching, exploring different aspects of our human life, as well as practicing together and a time for questions. (Teachings are recorded for those who cannot make the live class.)

  • Meditations

    Good for the newbie or the experienced meditator. Each week you'll receive a recorded somatic healing meditation that will be available for download (5 in total). There will also be a day-long (about 6 hours total) meditation sit. Don't panic! There's lots of support.

  • Optional Healing Sessions

    Optional healing sessions are available for those who wish to deepen their healing. Clear ancestral patterns, energetic blocks, unresolved trauma and anything holding you back from empowerment and freedom.

Get started.

Here's what to expect.

Please enjoy the free teaching, Connecting to a Daily Practice.

  • 1


    • LIVE teaching January 1st, 12pm ET: Connecting to a Daily Practice

    • Welcome

    • WEEK 1: Looking at our lives with love and making a commitment

    • Week 1 meditation: The breath

    • WEEK 2: Talking Spiritual

    • Week 2 meditation: Connecting to Spirit

    • WEEK 3: Talking Adulting

    • Week 3 meditation: Connecting to the Earth

    • WEEK 4: Day-long Meditation Sit

    • Week 4 meditation: Connecting Heaven and Earth

    • WEEK 5: Talking Community and Play

    • Week 5 meditation: Expanding your Self

    • WEEK 6: Pulling it All Together

    • Week 6 meditation: Vitality

Is this course right for you?

If you resonate with one or more from this list, you are ready to join me.

  • I know myself to be a spiritual being, but I don't really know how to access it.

  • I tend to escape my adulting responsibilities, or excuse them away, for my spiritual life.

  • I often feel isolated and don't have many people in my life who truly see me.

  • I know what I'd like to be doing, but have trouble following through.

  • I beat myself up if I don't follow through and often feel a strong "should" energy.

  • Sometimes I wish I could just get this human thing over with so I can feel free.


Pricing does not include optional healing sessions. Contact Jen directly for these.


  • ​What if I don't live in New York?

    The course is entirely online and all sessions are done by phone. Because this course is online, it is available to anyone, no matter your location.

  • What if I can't make the class?

    No problem. The class will be recorded and uploaded within 24 hours. If you have questions that come up throughout the week you can email me and I'll address them on the call!

  • ​How much time will I be spending each week?

    The weekly teaching is 60-75 minutes, and the implementation will be about 15 minutes of meditation and practice per day. Some of this depends on the habits you choose to commit to.

  • A day-long meditation? I can't even sit for 15 minutes!!!

    I know. An entire day can feel completely overwhelming and way too out of reach. It's not. I'll give you solid ways to move through your day, as well as live talks and guided meditations. It's not nearly as scary as you think, and just take a moment to feel into how glad you'll be after having done it!! Your future self is already so thankful.