Staying connected to our compassion as we continue to serve.

As things continue to heat up around us, there is a bigger urgency than ever to remain connected to our center, and find a place of home and solace within ourselves. We need to know how to feel our power within our bodies and energy, without losing our greatest gift of a compassionate heart.

Course dates:

November 8th at 12pm ET

November 15th at 12pm ET

November 22nd at 12pm ET

(week off for US Thanksgiving)

December 6th at 12pm ET

Included in this course:

  • Live Teachings

    Each week offers a 75-minute live teaching, exploring ways we desire to help, and how that can lead to our disempowerment, as well as practicing together and a time for questions. (Teachings are recorded for those who cannot make the live class.)

  • Recorded guided healing meditations

    A new recorded guided healing meditation will be available for download each week (4 in total).

  • Optional Healing Session

    A discounted healing session is available for those who wish to deepen their healing.

Get started.

Here's what to expect.

Please enjoy the free live teaching, Power and Compassion, on Wednesday, October 30th, 12pm EST.

  • 1

    Finding Center

    • Recorded teaching: Power and Compassion

    • Welcome

    • LIVE teaching

    • WEEK 1: Why we give it away

    • Week 1 meditation: Working with resentment and guilt with the breath

    • WEEK 2: Finding Center

    • Week 2 meditation: Working with our energetic center

    • WEEK 3: Using our core to create energetic boundaries

    • Week 3 meditation: Expanding our energetic center to create a strong boundary

    • WEEK 4: Holding our boundaries

    • Week 4 meditation: Holding our boundaries while staying in the heart

Is Finding Center right for you?

If you resonate with one or more from this list, you are ready to join me.

  • Easily compassionate, at times excusing other's behavior because you feel their hurt.

  • Tend to sacrifice yourself for the wellbeing of others.

  • Insecure about your own worth, and believe it comes from giving.

  • Believe giving is better than receiving, and guilt is a motivating factor in your life.

  • Power feels uncomfortable and closely connected to willpower and control.

  • You take on other's energy as a way of helping.


Pricing includes an optional healing session. Use the code "Powerful" to receive the course only for $199.